A typical day
at Happy Tots...
Our day starts quite early - at 7.30am we are saying good morning to our first group of early comers. The children start playing until the rest of the group arrives and then we sit down for breakfast which is served between 7.30am and 8.15am
After breakfast the children play until 9am at which point we get ready for our morning outing. We have different outings according to the day, and the weather. Smaller children will go in pushchairs whilst bigger ones walk. Explore our outdoor activities here. 
At 12.30 am we are all back home, The children take their shoes off, hang up their coats and wash their hands. They then all sit down on the sofa for 15 mins of TV time while we finish cooking their lunch. They take turns to set the table and when lunch is ready we call them to the table in Spanish.
Lunch is a great time to learn table manners, to talk about healthy food, what we like and dislike and to have a nice conversation about what happened during the morning outing. 
After lunch we all head upstairs and get ready for nap time ("noni noni"). The children crawl into their sleeping bags in comfy cots in their darkened rooms and an adult supervises them until they all fall asleep. Children who are not napping are either having School Time or Quiet Time.
After their naps it's time for more learning experiences. Depending on the daily plan these can be adult-led or child-led activities, free play or arts and crafts. Explore our indoor activities here.
Tidy up time is just before dinner - all the children help the adults tidy up the toys and put things back where they belong.
Dinner is at 5pm and just like at lunch children help to set the table - when all is ready we all sit down at the same time, have our dinner and chat about our day. Explore our dinner menu here.
After dinner it's time to go home with parents arriving as from 5.30pm. While we wait we sit down for Story Time or Circle Time until parents arrive to hear about all the adventures of the day! 
Bye Bye!
¡Hasta Mañana!
¡Buenos dias!
Out we go!
¡Todos a la mesa!
What was your favourite...
Es hora de noni noni...
Who wants to...
Tidy up time!
Who wants a story?
¿Que vamos a cenar?
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